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Potholes and other issues

Templeton Community Council regularly receives reports of potholes, problems with manhole covers, blocked culverts or external drains, issues of mud on the road or other problems in the community. These are passed on to the relevant departmnet within Pembrokeshire County Council for repair, or brought to the attention of the utility company concerned, for instance. The Council does maintain a list of the issues so that it can chase up if the repair has not been done or the problem not resolved.

Note - Templeton Community Council is not itself responsible for repairing roads, reseating manhole covers, sorting blocked culverts, cleaning obscured roadsigns or bus shelters, cleaning gutters or paths etc.

Below is a list of the current issues.  If you become aware of a new one, please do contact the Clerk on [email protected] with information about it.

Depression in A4115 near Hampton Court - Pembrokeshire County Council are aware of this issue. Last reported January 2021.

Footpath to Peter's Finger can become covered in thick mud - too deep to be passable. Last reported September 2020.

Templeton to Cold Blow B4315 - sunken trenches in areas. Last reported  April 2021.

Picton Close manhole covers proiud of surface and footpath defects. Last report April 2021 - in the remedial works programme for 2021-22.

Penygraig Drive towards the Play Park A478 - numerous small potholes. Last reported April 2021.

Barn Court to Boar's Head A478. Three gullies need reinstating. Last reported April 2021.

Barn Court A478 manhole cover needs resetting. Last reported April 2021.

A478 outside Belvedere - utility reinstatement requires patching. Last reported April 2021.

A478 Highways depot manhole low in wheel track. Last reported April 2021.

West Lane - periodic mud and slurry issue. Last reported March 2021