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Planning information

The following are the most recent planning applications that have been submitted to Pembrokeshire County Council for locations in the Templeton area.

This is only summary information - please click through on the link that is with the application number to go to Pembrokeshire County Council's site where more details can be found.

19/0836/CL Land adjacent Holly Blue, Cold Blow, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, SA67 8RW. Works sufficient to constitute the lawful implementation of planning permission 03/1366/PA were undertaken within the relevant lifetime of the permission. Application received 19-12-2019. Application condirtionally approved 7-2-2020

19/0957/DC Land adjacent Hardly In & Ashgrove, Templeton, Pembrokeshire. Discharge of conditions 5 (surface water details), 6 (drainage details), 7 (details of estate Roads), 9 (site access and phasing details), 10 (details of proposed footway) and 11 (details of external lighting) of planning permission ref. 18/0461/PA (Residential Development) Application received 20-1-2020. Application decided 10-2-2020 - part approved, part refused.

19/0980/PA. Pinewood, TEMPLETON, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, SA67 8RG. Proposed Extension to the existing dwelling. Application received 13-1-2020. Approcation conditionally approved 3-3-2020.

19/1054/PA Mountain View, COLD BLOW, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, SA67 8RR . Variation of condition 1 of planning application ref: 14/0904/PA to allow additional time to commence works on site. Application received 10-2-2020. Application conditionally approved 1-4-2020.

20/0004/PA Land Adjacent to Ogmore House, Templeton, Narberth, SA67 8RZ . Proposed stable block and tack room together with access track. Application received 20-4-2020. This planning application will be considered by the Planning and Public Rights of Way Committee on 6-10-2020.

20/0009/CL Molleston Stables, MOLLESTON, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, SA67 8BZ. Certificate of Lawfullness for proposed lawful use for the stationing of two caravans. Application received 15-4-2020. Application unconditionally approved 9-6-2020.

20/0081/PA Land adjacent to Holly Blue House, B4315 Cold Blow, Narberth, SA67 8RW. Erection of a dwelling (amended design). Application received 15-5-2020. Application conditionally approved 25th August 2020.

20/0185/PA. Piper Cottage, Penygraig Lane, Templeton, Narberth, SA67 8SU. Ground floor extension. Application received 15-6-2020. Application conditionally approved 7th August 2020.

20/0299/PA. Great Molleston, West Lane, Templeton SA67 8BY. Erect a portal framed agricultural building to cover yard. Application received 5-8-2020. Conditionally approved 16-10-2020.

20/0312/PA. Great Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill Lane, Templeton. SA67 8SQ. Erection of calf accommodation building and associated yard area. Application received 14-8-2020. Application conditionally approved 21-9-2020.

20/0358/AG. Forestry track. Cattershook Woodland, Kilgetty Lane, Templeton. SA67 8SN. Application received 6-8-2020. Application unconditionally approved 17-9-2020

20/0370/PA. Summerhill, Cold Blow, Templeton, SA67 8RH. Agricultural building for muliti-purpose use (in retrospect orietnation changed). Application received 21-8-20. Conditionally approved 15-10-2020.