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Templeton - History

Templeton: a village through time - Written by Dr. Rob Davies MBE

We are delighted that Dr Rob Davies has written and had published a book about the history of Templeton.

Templeton: a village through time   is available to you in three ways currently:

1) You can get a copy locally via Templeton Community Council - contact the Clerk - Mrs. Vicky Mitchell - [email protected] for more details. Copies cost less than if you were to buy online, and all proceeds go towards this community.

2) You can also buy it yourself from Amazon.

3) Dr. Rob Davies MBE hs now generously also made it available as an online download from this page.  Be warned, it is a large document of over 300 pages and so will take some time to download. The advantage of it being avbailable in this way is that you can search for a particular name, house or location throughout the book.

We hope this is of interest to people - those who want to find out more abnout their family or the house they live in, those who want to find out more about the villages and community, and those who just enjoy local history.

Your feedback is very welcome - just let us know by emailing the Clerk.

We plan to provide periodic updates on these pages, as Dr. Rob Davies sources more information, images and maps, just to let you know - so do come back and check for them.


Exciting news - Dr. Rob Davies will be giving a talk based on his book in Templeton Community Hall on Friday 8th April.  Open to all, but please pre-book your seats so that we can manage the numbers coming.  Contact the Clerk on [email protected] to book your place.

Full text and images of Dr. Rob Davies' book on the history of Templeton

Templeton: a village through time - high compression File Uploaded: 20 January 2022 5.6 MB