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Templeton Hall users

This page gives you posters and information that has been supplied by current and recent users of Templeton Community Hall. The posters and information is to tell you more about the different classes and events that go on, and also give you contact details for each group or class.

Not every class or group might provide us with this information, for instance if it is a closed group or a private event. If you wish more information and you cannot see it here, please do contact the Clerk, Mrs. Vicky Mitchell, or [email protected]

Tai Chi Tuesday evenings Tai Chi Tuesday evenings
Wednesday morning Yoga Wednesday morning Yoga
Soulful Sunday morning yoga Soulful Sunday morning yoga
Templeton YFC - Tuesday evenings Templeton YFC - Tuesday evenings
Gong Sound Meditation - Fridays and Sundays usually Gong Sound Meditation - Fridays and Sundays usually
Strictly Fitsteps - Monday evenings Strictly Fitsteps - Monday evenings
Karate - Thursday evenings Karate - Thursday evenings